Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Circle of Friends Blog Badge

I received this very sweet Circle of Friends blog badge from my stamping friend, Selma. (THANK YOU). It's so sweet to know that there are women out there that really care about the cards we make and the things going on in our lives.

I wanted to pass this on to a few of my very special stamping "friends" who are all gals from StampTV. The encouragement, praise, compliments, and good thoughts are all about friendship - real or "virtual" so here's to you my Stamp TV friends.... I know most of you have blogs too full to have even one more award or badge but know that this is passed on to you as someone who has made a difference in my life.



catdidit said...

Ahhh how sweet Pam! I have so love getting to 'know' you through this little addiction of ours!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Thank you Pam for such a sweet honor! You're a real sweetie!

Donna Baker said...

aww, you're so sweet Pam! thank you for this! I am honored and accept it and right back at ya, pretty woman!

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