Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

A big thank you goes out to TWO of my stampin friends who each presented me with this fabulous blog award! Thank you to Selma Stevenson and CraftieConnie!!! I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about me and then I'm supposed to send this on to 7 friends. So here goes:

7 Things About Me:

1. I've been stamping for over 25 years (but not continuously) - started out with just single unmounted rubber images. No DP, no matching, coordinated stamp sets, no fancy inks, ribbons, brads etc. We've come a LONG way baby!!

2. I started my blog in February and can't believe I have people who actually FOLLOW my blog LOL. What an honor that is for me to think I inspire others. I receive SO much inspiration from the stampin world - glad I can return even a little.

3. I have a wonderful husband who puts up with my stampin' addiction and respectfully acts interested in my projects and appropriately says "that's wonderful honey" when asked what he thinks ;-)

4. I have 2 daughters, a son and a step son. All are wonderful children and I am proud of each one of them! They support my creative efforts with lots of "way to go mom!"

5. I was one of the stampers who went on the Stampin Cruise last October - met Gina K, Nichole Heady (Papertrey Ink) and Stampin Bella PLUS many wonderful fellow stampers - I keep in touch with quite a few of them still. What a FANTASTIC trip!!

6. I was named to my first Design Team a few months ago! Was SOOOOO excited (Lauren Meader's My Time to Create DT).

7. I was also honored to be a June Center Stage Spotlight Designer for Gina K Designs on Stamp TV!

So - I guess I've come a long way, too!!! Thanks again for the fabulous blog award.

I am now passing it on to the following 7 stampers - trust me it's hard to choose WHO to send to since there are SO many talented women in this great crafting world of ours... you can't believe what these girls create - check them out - they are FAB!

Dana, Kristin, Tracey, Lisa, Odette, Jen and also to one of my Stamp TV friends, Jenny
You girls are an inspiration to me - you all deserve this blog award, too.


Odette said...

Wow Pam, thank you so much for thinking that my blog deserve this great award!! It means a lot coming from you, talented lady!!

Kristin Bueter said...

Awwh, Pam...thank you for this sweet blog award! You are such a dear :O) I'll post it on my awards page right now!! Have a great weekend, girly.

Dana Gustafson said...

Aw shucks Pam! You are too SWEET! The feeling is mutual doll! YOU inspire ME!

Jenny said...

THANKS a ton Pam for thinking of me!

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