Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Copic Containers and a 3D Challenge

The lovely Donna Baker is hosting a 3D challenge this month over on StampTV - she made it super easy on us this month - we just had to make a pencil cup! Hmmmm - I have a homemade pencil cup on my desk that my oldest daughter made for me when she was in Kindergarten (20+ years ago). I love that pencil cup so I HAD to play along.

Here's the final project I made for the StampTV challenge - several pencil (aka copic) cups, actually. The details (for anyone who is interested) follow below.

This is how I have been storing my Copics... I have been looking for alternative storage solutions for a while so this sounded like a fun project.

I started with an empty can of Salad Crispins... cleaned out the container - cut it down to 4-1/4" in height, cut out the center of the plastic top but left the rim.

I covered the can with designer paper and Scor-Tape - in a color that would quickly identify the copic colors in the can. (I don't store by copic codes R, RV etc. but by the color they appear to my eye so when I'm coloring something PINK I look for all my pinks then figure out which ones blend well.) Added a touch of ribbon and a scalloped edge to the bottom. Did that for 3 colors of Copics. (That's all the empty cans I had on hand.)

After I made the three holders I still had a bunch of sketch markers in my plastic box. I got out an empty Planter's Almond can and went to work on it, too. I had to cut it down just like the others. I didn't add the scallop edge to the bottom because this one is temporary and will probably move elsewhere on my desk once all my copics are sorted by color - I'll add embellishments at that time.

So - this is how I NOW store my Copic markers (ok well at least some of them - I have to eat a whole lot more salad crunchies to finish all of them and lots are still in the plastic boxes!!)

They may not be a long term solution for storage but they are pretty, cheerful and colorful on my desk AND they are at my fingertips! Thanks for looking and THANKS DONNA for a great, fun challenge! (Sorry to be so long-winded!)


Theresa Momber said...

These are fantastic, Pam! I love they are color coordinated for your Copics.

Betty Benton said...

I love your storage cups -- they are so pretty and happy looking! Thanks for adding the picture of the one your dd made for you -- it is precious!

craftieodamae said...

What a great idea! now all I have to do is get the copics LOL. they are pretty and like you I go by sight, all pinks all greens etc.

Donna Baker said...

wow! I love them - that you matched the paper on the outside to the color of the Copics in the cup. great job!!

Patti said...

They are awesome,Pam! Wish I had the copics to build around!LOL!

Lori said...

These are great! I love how you put each color in it's own cup.

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