Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A 30th Birthday!

Hello stampin' friends. Most of you know that I have a daughter living in Germany. She celebrated her 30th birthday this past week and I thought I'd share a few things with you. (I was unable to be with her for this special birthday this year - boo hoo). First off - THANK YOU to the dozens of you who responded to my RAK request to send her a card (or two or thirty!!) At last count she had received 40 cards!!! (My goal was at least 30 - I told her to save 10 of them for the big 4-0 *tee hee*)

Here's some background - Amber asked me to make the invitations to her party being thrown by a co-worker. I had to make them fairly quickly so I kept them simple but had to make them in her favorite color, purple! (see pics of the outside and inside - she nearly killed me when I used a picture of her at age 3 on the inside) but then - check out the cake! Wow - did you ever have one of your cards made into a cake??? It's hard as a mom to not be able to celebrate something as special as this with one of your kids but I'm glad I got to be there in other ways :-) All in all she had a great birthday and I was able to Skype with her on her actual birthday to watch her open her presents - so it was better than nothing!

Here's to you Amber - I love you!!


Yvette said...

I love your card and the cake is so special! Glad to get the update on your daughter's birthday!! Hope she had a great one!

The Wired Angel said...

Great cards Pam... I hope your daughter had a great 30th!! If only we could be that age again.

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