Friday, February 27, 2009

Wishes for my daughter

This is my first non-card blog topic. My oldest daughter left for Germany last night. She will be gone a minimum of two years. SO... I am a wee bit sad. Even though she has been living in Washington DC for the past 2 years I always knew she was a quick plane ride away and I often made 4 day weekend jaunts to visit her. It will be a little harder now to have those visits. Also - the time difference and her lack of email ability at work will make our regular communication more of a challenge. I am going to go visit her at the end of March so that will be exciting. Thank goodness for Skype and iChat!!

I miss her already and am praying that her trip was uneventful (she was also traveling with her two cats!) and smooth. I won't hear from her for a couple of days until she's settled so I'll spend some time this weekend and make her a "welcome to your new home" card.

Watching our "babies" spread their wings and fly is such an amazing emotion. It's exhilarating, heartwarming yet a little bittersweet too. So - this post is for you my beautiful and precious daughter. May you find abundant blessings in your new home. May you make new friends quickly and easily and may you embark on grand and wondrous adventures. Ich liebe dich!

9:00 am Edited to add: Just heard from my girl via video chat - she arrived fine and managed to get cats and all to the hotel. Whew - she is safe and sound and I'm sure a little scared on her end but ready for a new chapter in her life. Hugs and kisses sweet daughter of mine. XOXOXO


Anonymous said...

Pam, your daughter is lovely! What is doing in Germany??

Stampin Sharon said...

Now that I am crying reading your mom words, I also wish Amber an easy move and I am so anxious to hear all about her new home.

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